Comment fic, Napalm on the Brainstem

Title: Napalm on the Brainstem.
Rating: T (for language)
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby
Genre: Gen, horror, hurt/comfort
Disclaimer: Nope, still don't own 'em.
Warnings: Spoilers-in-passing for late S6.
Word Count: 1259
Summary: Written for this lovely lonely prompt at the hoodie time 'Fever' meme.
A/N: I'm not all that happy with it, but it's been WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long since I posted much of anything, so this right here is me jumping back into the saddle (or possibly in over my head, depending on where you're looking from...)

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Art: SPNX Big Bang: Hunter & Hunted

I LOVE Brimstone, so when I saw this fic in the claiming I snapped it up in my greedy little paws and settled in for a good read. And it was a GREAT read - mizface integrated the two worlds beautifully, so much so that the first piece almost made itself before I'd even finished reading the fic!

No spoilers for the fic here - but you should go read it first anyway, HERE, to see it all in it's rightful place, so to speak.

Sadly, these are all slightly lower resoultion than I'd normally use, as there are very few images from Brimstone available, but it's been really fun to play with a fandom I rarely dip into.

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Fic: Along This Crooked Road Masterpost

Title: Along This Crooked Road

Author(s): calUK

Artist: amber1960

Crossover: Firefly/Serenity & Supernatural

Word Count: 20,570

Characters/Pairings: Sam W, Dean W, Crowley/Badger, Firefly crew. No pairings.

Warnings: Some language - because you know they would and very odd formatting.

Spoilers: Mild spoilers for SPN S5 arc and as it's set post-film, extensively spoilery for the Firefly verse.

Summary: 2010 - Betrayed by the demon they thought they could trust, Sam and Dean find themselves trapped by heaven and hell. With no way out, they make a desperate bargain that's going to change everything, forever.
2519 - Struggling to make a living in the wake of the revelation about Miranda and the Reavers, the crew of Serenity are headed back to the black rock planet, looking for a job that will keep them flying when a mysterious light brings the ship down in the middle of the desert. Stranded, searching for a way to get off Miranda, they find two strange men, and something else - a malevolent force that seems to want to destroy them all, but that is inexplicably tied to the Winchesters - Dean in particular.
Now the Winchesters must rely on the misfit crew of a crashed spaceship and the former demon who betrayed them to try and piece their lives, and their souls, back together.

Author’s Notes: Huge thanks are due to amberdreams, for the mind-blowingly gorgeous works of art that make this so much more than just a story, to the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary , without whom there would be no galactic profanity at all, also to rattyjol, who read the multitude of messages it took to get just the first part of this across cyberspace (and who averted mass temporal confusion). And last but most definitely not least, to Joss Wheddon and Erik Kripke, for creating these worlds in which we so love to play.

Link to Art Master Post: HERE