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A Cry of Hellhounds

Retro Me, Satanas

9 May 1982
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I live in North Dorset at the moment, though since I'm (desperately!) job hunting that will hopefully change soon.
I've always loved reading, and sometimes writing but until I discovered SN fanfiction I never even thought about posting - suffice to say that watching the show and finding my way into the guys on the UnGen site (pretty much the only place i post, as i'm not great at keeping track of things!) came along at a time when things in my life were changing - and they gave me a new direction. Not sure it was such a good one...
Generally, I try not to take things in real life too seriously (been there, done that) though I tend to write fairly dark, twisted stuff, and that seems to satisfy the inner need for a bit of blood sweat and tears now and then.
Anyway, I'll let you go and check out some of the fabtastic authors around, and hopefully you'll enjoy the fun and ganes!

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